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ITALIAN PASSION. The Line Up Kitchen collection is a particularly versatile, and modern kitchen design. The nine glossy colors, and three wooden finished can be mixed, matched, and combined to adapt to every kitchen style. The kitchen cabinets discreetly contain the refrigerator, and endless storage space for a clean and minimal look.


Finishes: Frassino Champagne, glossy Grigio Chiaro;
Top: bronze laminate, 4 cm thick;
Plinth: 15 cm high, steel finish aluminium;
Handles: stainless steel rod with variable pitch, item 283 - item 284.

Finishes: glossy Bianco, glossy Glicine;
Top: 4 cm thick white laminate;
Plinth: 15 cm high, white painted aluminium; Handles: metal, glossy chrome finish, item 271.

Finishes: glossy Bianco, glossy Grigio Scuro;
Top: 2cm thick White Rock laminate with unicolor edge;
Plinth: H. 12 cm, white painted aluminum;
Grip: profile in white painted aluminum.

Finishes: Frassino Creta, glossy Visone;
Top: 6 cm thick Versilia laminate;
Plinth: H. 15 cm high, brill finish aluminium;
Handles: metal, glossy chrome finish, item 295.

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