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ITALIAN PASSION. Isabel is created to satisfy the need of a groove handle, a profile that creates design and combines practicality and aesthetics, that protects the material and lasts over time. Designed also for an excellent grip of the suspended units, Isabel profile is an opening based on technology and graphics, in perfect synergy with the materials that characterize it.

Base units: Matt lacquered Petrolio Tall units: Calce Cemento, Wood Eucalipto Wall units: Wood Eucalipto Plinth: Bronzo Titanio Pro le: ISABEL Bronzo Titanio Top: Laminate Wood Eucalipto Bookshelves Arcadia: Bronzo Titanio Structure, Calce Cemento Shelves


Base units: Wood Bianco
Tall units: Wood Bianco
Plinth: Matt lacquered Bianco Pro le: ISABEL Acciaio Satinato Top: Super White Roc-face Snack: Laminate Wood Terra Panneling, Shelves: Wood Terra Lodge
Table: Oak plank Naturale

Base units: Glossy Grigio Perla
Base units for island: Wood Eucalipto
Tall units: Glossy Grigio Perla
Wall units: Glossy Grigio Perla
Plinth: Bronzo Titanio
Pro le: ISABEL Bronzo Titanio
Top: Laminate Fenix color Grigio Efeso
Snack: Knotted Oak Chiaro
Open units: Wood Eucalipto

Base units: Sherwood Cognac
Tall units: Sherwood Cognac
Tall units h.129,5: Sherwood Cognac
Plinth: Acciaio Satinato
Pro le: ISABEL Acciaio Satinato
Top: Laminate Fenix color Grigio Londra Snack: Laminate Fenix color Grigio Londra Paneling, Shelves: Sherwood Cognac Paneling,
Open units: Fjord

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How to equip bases

We pay special attention to the customer needs of better developing angles, of creating different spaces for specific products, of having the equipment for bases.

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