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Thanks to the many options available, the Sanders bed sets no limits to the imagination. It is available in one or two colors, in manmade or genuine leather or in the Mix version consisting in a fabric headboard and a leather bed frame.





Technical Sheet


Optional Mechanism

Box Opening

box opening
The BOX opening mechanism, tested up to 16,000 movements, allows the bed-base, with its mattress, to be easily lifted and lowered. The panels at the bottom can be easily removed to facilitate cleaning operations.

Easy Opening

easy opening
Mechanism EASY is an evolution of mechanism BOX.
It is practice to open the box and the innovative movement that brings mattress and metal base in horizontal position, on the necessary high to make the bed without being obliged to bend down ourselves and to raise the edge of the mattress loading and forcing the back.

Mechanism EASY can be opened as follows:
- Arising of metal base to reach the box
- Locating from enter into box to remaking the bed
- Closure
Otherwise it is possible to arise the metal base and the mattress in position to remake the bed and to close all directly, to have always the bed in order and with the minimum effort.
Charlie bed by Tomasella

Charlie bed by Tomasella


Starting from $923.00

Innerspring Mattress 400

Innerspring Mattress 400

Inner Spring Mattress 400

Starting from $1,015.00

Innerspring Mattress 800

Innerspring Mattress 800

Inner Spring Mattress 800

Starting from $1,215.00

Amami bed by Tomasella

Amami bed by Tomasella


Starting from $1,720.00

Sanders bed by Ditre Italia

Sanders bed by Ditre Italia


Starting from $1,990.00

Claire bed by Ditre Italia

Claire bed by Ditre Italia

Claire bed

Starting from $2,618.00

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