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About Us

Our products are as bold as they are beautiful, offering a rich blend of Italian tradition, a high quality of craftsmanship, and a contemporary aesthetic.
Located in the River West neighborhood of Chicago, we specialize in bringing the dream of Italian interiors to your home.  As a destination for contemporary design services featuring high quality Italian imports, we match the convenience and culture behind Italy’s modern designs with your savvy lifestyle.

From full kitchens and bathrooms down to bedroom storage details, we carry everything needed to furnish, organize, and love your home. No project is too big or too small for our team of designers, who work carefully to make your design visions a reality.

Our History

Archisesto opened its doors to the Chicagoland area in 2006, bringing the style and sophistication of Italian furniture into homes across the U.S. A native of Lucca, Italy, Archisesto founder, Giacomo Ferrucci, found inspiration to open the business by way of a family-owned Tuscan stable built in the the late 1600s.

“Fascinated by how my parents transformed what was once a bullpen into the villa that it is today, I lost myself flipping through the pages of architectural magazines my mother used for ideas.”

With a refined vision for architecture through years of studying and experience, the goal behind Archisesto was and still is today to achieve maximum functionality in every home and office we design without ever compromising style.

Our Name

Coined by Italian architect and inventor of the 16-17th century Ottavio Revese Bruto, “archisesto” is the result of a marriage between the words “architettura” and “sesto,” translating to “architecture compass.” An adaptation of Galileo’s compass to fit the scaling of architectural drawings, the archisesto was created as a tool for architects.

Our Brands

All products we distribute are hand-crafted and expertly finished by technicians in Italy. Their level of artisanship, passion for design, and eye for detail allows us to provide the highest quality of products, bringing traditional Italian craftsmanship and a personalized charisma to your project.
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