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Archisesto Inc. is Chicago's prime destination for contemporary design services; featuring the highest of quality Italian imports, that suit your personal vision and savvy lifestyle.

Archisesto offers a wide selection of fine Italian furniture, custom made kitchens, bathrooms, wardrobes, lighting, accessories, and much more. Lines we carry: Casali, Ditre Italia, Edilgreen, Elite to Be, Martinelli Luce, Modulnova, Novello, Tomasella, Zanette, Zecchinon and many more.

All products are hand-crafted in Italy and hand-finished by expert, Italian technicians. Their level of artisanship, passion for design, and close attention to detail allows us to give you the highest of quality products, bringing traditional Italian craftsmanship and charisma to your project.

Archisesto’s name

Name coined by the inventor, combining the words "archi[tettura]" (architecture) and "sesto" (compass), i.e., 'architectonic compass'.

Inventor Ottavio Revese Bruti (16th-17th cent.)

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Giacomo Ferrucci (owner)

Native of Lucca, Italy, Giacomo Ferrucci, founder of Archisesto was inspired nearly two decades ago by a family-owned, Tuscan stable built in 1689. "As my parents transformed what was once a bull pen into the villa that is today, I lost myself flipping through the pages of the architectural magazines my mother used for ideas". Ferrucci refined his vision for architecture studying at the University of Florence, while concurrently working under various Italian architects.

"Through my years of experience, an in depth knowledge of the industry, I founded Archisesto. My main goal is to achieve the maximum in Italian functionality and style in all the homes and offices I design. I approach each project with the passion, ensuring the best possible products and services step by step from the very first sketch to the execution of the finishing touches".

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Archisesto Inc.
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